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Historic college park shoe store been there for 75 years.


The inception of the Georgia Main Street Program dates back to 1980 when it was established as one of the pioneering state coordinating programs under the National Main Street Initiative, initiated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Originally launched with five local communities, the program has now expanded to serve over 100 communities across the state. The Georgia Main Streets program showcases the most vibrant central business districts in both Georgia and the Southeast region.

Since its inception, the designated community programs have played a crucial role in spearheading historic preservation efforts, fostering the development of small businesses, expanding employment opportunities, attracting private investments, boosting tourism, and establishing effective public-private partnerships. The program is administered by the Office of Downtown Development at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and is recognized as a prominent initiative for community development and revitalization in Georgia’s historic downtown areas.


College Park, located near the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and major transportation routes, has established itself as an exciting community in the metropolitan Atlanta area. It was recognized as one of Atlanta Magazine’s “Best Places To Call Home” in 2003. With its unique character and blend of Southern hospitality, College Park offers a range of amenities, including city services, local restaurants, lodging options, parks, and community events.

One of the city’s key advantages is its proximity to Atlanta, providing easy access to educational institutions, shopping centers, and other attractions. College Park is home to Woodward Academy, the largest independent school in the continental United States, as well as The Main Street Academy, a public charter school serving the Tri-Cities area. Additionally, College Park takes pride in its urban historic district, which originated from a land grant in 1846. This district features 867 structures on the Historic Register, including historical homes, monuments, businesses, schools, churches, parks, a cemetery, a government building, and a railway station.

Downtown College Park serves as the heart of the city, with its Main Street business district anchoring the community. Through efforts by the College Park Development/Main Street Office, the area has undergone revitalization, attracting new specialty businesses to replace vacant storefronts. The city also owns and operates the Georgia International Convention Center, a state-of-the-art facility that ranks as the second largest exhibition and meeting space in Georgia. With its rich historical architecture, College Park is notable for the College Park Women’s Club, housed in a historical structure built in 1897 on Main Street, which offers event facilities for up to 300 guests and features a kitchen and stage. Notably, College Park had the distinction of having a female architect actively involved in planning and design during the 1890s, making it unique among cities in the United States.

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